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Vahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra

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Vahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra

The Vahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra is worshiped and should be installed for the purpose of getting safety from accidents and mishappenings during any journey. “Vahan Durghatna Nashak,” simply translated into English means Vehicle Accident Prevention. Every day, one needs to travel on a daily basis either for work or education. And sometimes, there is a long distance to be covered everyday across many dangerous turns, roads, and highways. Installing the Yantra in the vehicle or at home, acts as a Kavach, i.e., a shield of protection from injuries, accidents, and other mishaps during the journey. Follow these guidelines to establish the Yantra:

  • First, you need to clear both your body and mind.
    Next, find a place or the altar facing the East or the North direction.
    The Yantra should be placed at the eye level.
    Yantras not only fight evil but also bring positivity in life.
    This Yantra helps avert disasters while commuting.


Yantra, literally speaking, is a machine. A simple calculator or a computer is a Yantra. Similarly, astrological Yantras also help us improve our life and live with ease. Especially in Hinduism and Buddhism, there are numerous religious texts that talk about the power of certain objects that are made in such a way as to control all the energies around. Yantra is, in fact, a Sanskrit word meaning objects that are man-made and designed such that the geometrical diagram or object has astrological benefits or solutions for a number of problems like health issues, business losses, etc. The Vahan Durghatna Nashak Yantra, as the name suggests, works to prevent any mishap occurring due to any vehicle.


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