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Rahu Yantra – Prevents hidden enemies, Energised Rahu Yantras

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Rahu Yantra is use to remove the malefic effect of planet Rahu (Dragon’s Head). Rahu Yantra on Bhoj Patra, an auspicious instrument use to appease the Planet Rahu. Malefic Rahu can cause Court Cases, Defamation, loss of life and money.

In Indian Astrology Rahu is known as the planet ruling all activities like bets, gambling etc. Even wearing a Rahu Yantra may also lead to unexpected gains of wealth.


If the position of Rahu in your horoscope is unfavourable and the time is not in your favour you are recommended to use Rahu Yantra to overcome the troubles you are facing.

Using Rahu Yantra created on Bhoj Patra blesses the person with all good in his business and profession like Iron ore, leather, cement, mustard seeds, mustard oils, woolen clothes, blankets, rotten goods, vegetables, sharp piercing, foreign exchange, photography, astrology, ammunition, horse and camel trade, commission agents, lottery, circus, wine and smokes, rubber etc.

Rahu Yantra is also used to cure the diseases occurred due to malefic position of Rahu in the horoscope of a person like poisonous diseases, non-diagnosable diseases, leprosy, black de-coloring eye disease, skin diseases, sleeplessness, abdominal and stomach related diseases, mental illness, itching, ulcer, blood diseases etc.


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